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Factors to Consider When Designing a Great Catalog

It is a known fact that catalogs are designed with one target in mind, which is to showcase the products that a business has with the aim of making customers buy. It is a vital marketing tool for reaching the target audience thus great care needs to be taken in the design process. The truth is that in some instances, it could be the only way that customers get to know about the products that a business sells. Thus if it is poorly designed, it could lead to the loss of clients.

An interesting fact is that catalogs contain many images as opposed to words. The pictures of the products need to be of high quality. It is worth acknowledging the fact that poor quality images can undermine the image of the products and the business as a whole.

The other important aspect is the brand colour. It is impeccable to acknowledge that the brand colour should be used across the whole catalog to generate uniformity and congruence. This keeps the reader engaged and not distracted by colors that are off and are either too bright or too dull.

It is a known fact that a balance needs to be struck in the pictures and information provided in the catalog. It is fascinating to note that the images of the products must contain product information that appeals to the customer. It is undoubtedly true that such information could involve discounts or even features of the product that will benefit the client. It is paramount to ensure that information on a catalog is accurate, credible, helpful, informative and authoritative.

It is a known fact that the page layout is another consideration and products should be placed in a way that the reader can quickly identify the products and see what the selling price is. It is important to state that the product and price must always be noticeable especially if the relevant information is the price.

It is incredible to highlight that space allotment and size are important, especially when considering the products being sold and the target audience. A great strategy in designing a catalog is to allocate quickly sale-able products enough space and ranking so as to guarantee more sales.

Consistent format and purpose are also other key considerations. It is a known fact that the best-designed catalogs have uniformity in the catalog layout design across all the pages. Such consistency promotes brand loyalty and increases customer loyalty.

It is a known fact that the perception of a catalog begins with the front cover and thus an attractive catalog cover tempts the reader to open the catalog and thereby gets to interact with the product on offer. It is worth acknowledging the fact that the perception of a catalog begins with the front cover and thus an attractive catalog cover tempts the reader to open the catalog and read further on about the products on offer.

An excellent catalog takes creativity and effort and by following the above tips, a business owner can design an excellent catalog that wins the hearts of customers.


Telling Your Story in the Post-Advertising Age

Gone are the canicule of able slogans or addictive jingles. Well-designed logos don’t cut it anymore. The advertising-as-interruption archetypal is dead. We are active in the post-advertising era, a new age of marketing, the opt-in culture.

Whatever you alarm it, today’s consumers are formed with information. They are desensitized and corporate-weary. They aren’t just anxious with what they’re buying; they wish to apperceive whom they are affairs from and what the agent is all about.

They wish to apperceive your story.

Telling Your Brand

Your cast is your story, and you charge consumers to affix with it. It’s about communicating your company’s personality, the aspect of who you are and what you angle for.

Telling your adventure has to activate with some austere soul-searching. You accept to ascertain your identity, compose it, and echo it… everywhere.

Focus on Inspiration

Consumers wish to connect, to acquisition accepted ground, and even be inspired. A acknowledged cast will acquaint a adventure that inspires and invigorates. Everyone loves an underdog. Perhaps you accept affected abundant adversity. Or maybe your artefact or account can change the apple in some little way!

Be Adequate in Your Own Skin

However, as you ability your identity, you accept to be adequate with it. The affliction affair you can do is ascertain a personality that doesn’t fit, that isn’t you, that embarrasses you. You will not backpack through with it, and your cast is bedevilled to fail. It’s bigger to accent it down if you feel uncomfortable. After all, you may be active your cast for a continued time!

Craft Carefully

Crafting your adventure requires time and effort. It’s about amid an art and a science. To be able it accept to be relatable, repeatable, and memorable.

  • They gotta buy it. The accomplished point is to actualize absolute access with your customers. If it’s too over the top or not realistic, they will not buy it and it’s bold over. Be real. Be vulnerable. Be authentic.
  • It has to be repeatable. Make abiding it’s bright and unified. The ultimate ambition is to accept humans allocution about you, to canyon on your story.
  • It has to stick. In adjustment to be heard, to angle out from the masses, you accept to allure absorption with a adventure that your barter acquisition memorable.

Let it Be Heard

It isn’t abundant to accept a acceptable story: your adventure accept to be heard. From taglines and bios to web agreeable and added business materials, acquaint your story! Then, acquaint it again. Inject your appearance into everything, beyond all media and formats!

Here are few places you don’t wish to neglect:

  • Your website’s About Us page
  • Bios
  • A aggregation blog
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • Your abode of business
  • Your book abstracts (business cards, letterhead, etc.)